Welcome to gotbrew!

gotbrew is a platform for a wide array of entertainment and intellectual conversation, between any and all demographics, it is a philosophy, it will never end. --moogie


Welcome to gotbrew, Grab your morning coffee and join us for early morning conversation on any and every topic available! jump on irc server: (or click the irc chat button at the top or the left or use the window below!) port 6667 or using ssl (6697) and dont forget your coffee! late night? come talk with moogie the insomniac, he's always on as well as a number of others we are always having fun! feel free to look around here and register on the forum.

If you cannot use an irc client to connect with us, learn to use one or use a portable one. THE WEB IRC IS DEAD.

Come join us on IRC, that is our true forum.


BTW Downloads still has everything in it, it is an archichive of freedom, you must however ask an admin for privilleges to it now.